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A SMartWalk is the act of taking written comment from the ephemeral world of Social Media (Twitter) and posting it back into the real world, or placing a 'restreet' in the public realm.

It is born from the public magnet exhibitions of Alban Low (and 800+ artists) in Bath, Nottingham, Manchester, Brighton, London, Hastings, New Hampshire and New York.

After choosing a location, SMartWalkers - Darren Atkinson, Harvey Wells and Alban Low trawl twitter, find content from local people and transform into magnetic artworks. The 5 x 7cm vignettes are posted along a route, photographed, GPS located and then tweeted once again.

Their Tweet Street exhibition on 14th Street, New York (2011) used tweets from 75 local people and the subsequent re-tweets and mentions of the exhibition reached a potential 50,000 viewers.

The three artists’ aim is to initiate a real dialogue with 'friends' from the internet, to reinvigorate public spaces with thoughts from local people and to make art accessible to all by giving the magnets away for free. The dialogue is not only an exchange of messages and addresses (We send a copy of their magnet to every participant) but one which explores the boundaries of what is public property on the web and society. SMartWalking is a positive force, giving a voice and affirmation to local people with something to say.

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